We’re starting to suspect he very much loves his old SHO.

For the record, it should be noted that a few folks in the Motor1.com family have a soft spot for the old Taurus SHO. That puts us in good company, or at the very least, some funny company with long-time late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien. The comedian’s affinity for his green 1992 Ford Taurus has been a long-running gag going all the way back to his days as the Late Night host on NBC.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the car, so long in fact that frankly we forgot about it. But then out of the blue it appeared just recently on his TBS show in an insurance bit, and we couldn’t not talk about it. After all, this vehicle is now 26 years old which makes it a bona-fide classic. And though the hood is never opened, we know there isn’t a boring Ford V6 in there, but a Yamaha-built 24-valve V6 that made these cars epic sleepers back in the day.

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Conan would have us think the car is ratty and barely holding together, but knowing a thing or two about old SHOs, we believe the exact opposite is true. The headlights on these old Fords tend to fade rather dramatically at just a hint of sun, but the lenses on this car still look quite clear. We don’t see any bubbling in the window trim on the doors either, which is another common trait of a neglected SHO. When he opens the door, we can tell the driver seat is in mighty fine condition too; not at all blown apart like they get on cars with even modest age and mileage.

Conan O'Brien Ford Taurus SHO
Conan O'Brien Ford Taurus SHO

We’re not suggesting he keeps the car in a hermetically sealed chamber with guards stationed at the door. The paint does look a bit dull, especially the black mirrors and b-pillars. There are also the scratches on the doors, but that’s actually on the SHO-specific cladding, which conveniently enough can be replaced with ease in just a few minutes using a single, basic wrench.

It does make us happy, however, knowing that Conan is something of a car guy who owns and appreciates an old Taurus SHO.

Source: Team Coco via YouTube

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