It's being offered at no reserve, but could go for six figures.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lee Iacocca, he’s essentially the man behind the Mustang. The former Ford executive helped thrust the pony car into production, and eventually to legendary status as we know it to be today. In celebration, Ford together with Galpin pieced together a special Mustang in honor muscle car's 45th anniversary. It was called the Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang – and now you can buy it.

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Crossing the auction block at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2018 sale, the rear rear-drive sports car will be sold off in just a few months. It’s one of just 45 examples ever built, and it comes with a number of unique design and performance elements to boot, including a special plaque in the engine bay signifying its rarity.

2009 Ford Mustang Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition
2009 Ford Mustang Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition

The exterior should look familiar Mustang fans; the grille and front fascia are almost identical to the Mustang that was offered in 2009, apart from a bit of smoothing. The rear coupe styling has been replaced with a retro fastback look instead, and the cabin is retrofitted with a number of upscale cues – including leather seats – that separate it from the standard Mustang.

It’s under the hood, though, where the Mustang sees most of its modifications. The 4.6-liter V8 has been paired with an optional supercharger, bringing the total output up to 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). All that power is paired to a five-speed manual gearbox, with just 500 original miles (804 kilometers) on the odometer. The initial asking price when new was $89,950… but expect it to fetch even more at auction. The car was sold in 2009, where it went for $352,000 with all proceeds benefitting charity.

Gallery: 2009 Ford Mustang Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition

Barrett-Jackson will kick off its annual Palm Beach auction on April 12 at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. If you’re in the market, number 20 of 45 will hit the auction block at no reserve. 

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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