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Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the hit-and-run on a New York City police officer. WABC-TV in New York reports that 20-year-old Arfhy Santos and 24-year-old William Lopez are now in custody after trying to flee police a second time from a New York apartment. It's believed Santos was the wheelman in the Mercedes; authorities are still looking for at least one more person.


Warning: The video above contains explicit language.

A cell phone video caught a horrifying automotive crime in New York's Time Square on January 13. The clip initially shows a Mercedes-AMG C63 sedan doing a long burnout on the busy street. The car comes to a stop at an intersection, and a police officer is already on the scene. That's when things get scary. 

As opposed to obeying the officer, the Mercedes attempts to go around him. The policeman puts his hands on the hood, but the C63 persists. The car pushes the officer along, until he's on the hood. The Mercedes then swerves the other way and throws police officer from the car. The sedan then speeds away. 

The officer quickly gets to his feet again, and he and a partner begin chasing down the Mercedes on foot. The guy filming them appears to be on a bicycle and keeps up the whole time. Somehow despite heavy traffic and a police presence, the Mercedes is able to flee the scene. During the getaway, the C63 driver allegedly hit several vehicles.

According to The New York Post, police were already looking for the Mercedes that evening after receiving reports of the sedan doing donuts in the road near Times Square. The paper also reported that officer Ian Wallace sustained minor injuries to his right leg, arms, and back when he was thrown from the C63's hood. 

Police have opened an investigation but haven't yet arrested anyone. Unfortunately, this video didn't provide a good look at the Mercedes' license plate for easy identification of the driver. However, there were a lot of witnesses, and if any of the traffic at the scene had a dashcam, investigators may have an easy case ahead of them. 

Source: Albert Marty via YouTube, The New York Post, WABC-TV

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