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Aston Martin looks to be offering unusual paint jobs with odd graphics on the upcoming Cygnet.  Images, taken from the English automaker's website, show the car in various animal prints.

In each photo, the rear is covered up a bit.  The odd paint scheme could also be interpreted as an attempt to keep final design details camouflaged for the time being.

Still, a spokesman for the company told Auto Express, "Because the Cygnet is finished by hand, and not mass produced, in no other car in this segment can you exercise such a degree of personalisation."  This means the car could get an "unlimited palette," like that featured on the Bentley Mulsanne.

Based on the Toyota IQ, the Aston Martin Cygnet small city car is expected to be sold only to current owners of an Aston Martin vehicle.  Only one engine will be on offer for the car when it comes to market.  It is meant to be a daily driver for those who do not want to rack up miles on their Vantage.

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