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Only current Aston Martin owners will be able to purchase the company's upcoming pint-sized model, according to Works Service, the brand's magazine.  A blog written for the New York Times quotes Aston Martin chief Ulrich Bez as saying, "This concept is akin to an exclusive tender for a luxury yacht."

The Aston Martin Cygnet, a luxuriously-designed version of the Toyota iQ, will not get a spruced up engine.  Each Cygnet uses the iQ's 97-horsepower, 1.33-liter engine that produces up to 91 ft-lb of torque.  Top speed is listed at 105 mph.

Photos of the car's interior shows an audacious amount of red and quilted black leather, along with premium gloss trim, infotainment screen, and an iPhone dock.  Exterior photos show exclusive paint work, with chrome and carbon fiber details.  Needless hood venting is remnant of the Vantage, while rear LED lighting is sourced from the Rapide.  Multi-spoke alloy wheels remind one of the DBS thanks to the graphite finish.

Astonishingly, the modified iQ will cost between £20,000 and £30,000.  The company will produce 2,000 Aston Martin Cygnet units.

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