It's not the first time he's publicly displayed his rage at the automaker.

Anyone with a modicum of interest in cars has, at some point, been angry enough at a car to set it on fire. That doesn’t mean you should, because fire is bad and oh yeah, there are all kinds of nasty, toxic materials in a car that can present a whole new series of problems when set ablaze. Sadly, none of that seems to matter to Hadi Pourmohseni, an angry and possibly deranged individual who parked a BMW 7 Series outside the manufacturer’s Munich headquarters near the prominent BMW Museum sign and lit it up.


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As you probably suspect, Pourmohseni has some beef with BMW. The saga apparently started years ago when he leased an M6 that had some problems. Jalopnik reports that the problems were related to rattles and shifting quirks, but what allegedly got under this guy’s skin was his treatment by the BMW dealer, and subsequently, the manufacturer. In response, he stopped making payments on the car which of course ruined his credit, then in 2013 he smashed it up with a sledgehammer outside the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It gets better, or worse, depending on your point of view. He fixed the car – presumably on his own dime – then smashed it up again, this time at the 2014 Geneva show. For 2015 he nixed the twice-beaten M6 for a Z3, which began his pyro phase. That brings us to this latest display of asshatery, with the 7 Series filling the skies of Munich with thick black smoke in the name of anger and spite. The fire department showed up to douse the flames, the cops busted Pourmohseni for his act of defiance, and we suspect BMW reps inside went about business as usual.

Pourmohseni claims he will continue to literally and figuratively bash BMW, though we can’t help but wonder just what he’s trying to prove at this point. A company allegedly treated him badly, and he’s brought that point to light. But how much money has he literally sent up in flames? How much damage has he done to his own finances, not to mention his reputation?

We just don’t understand some people.

Source: regine k Via YouTube, Jalopnik

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