Few things hurt a true car fan more than seeing the destruction of a limited edition, historic vehicle. Share our pain and check out the video inside.

There is now one less Bugatti EB110 on the road, after the model shown in the video here crashed in Moscow. The car, one of only 139 ever produced, looks to have crashed into a cement gutter and embankment on the side of the road during the 2009 Bavaria Moscow City Racing event held on city streets around the Kremlin.

Shuffle forward to the 25-second mark, and you will see the rear passenger wheel snap off and fly up into the air. The rear bumper looks to have been partially torn off from the impact, which also forced open one of the scissors-doors.

The EB110 was built to celebrate the 110th birthdate of Ettore Bugatti, and is the predecessor to the Veyron. The four-wheel drive car features a mid-engined 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12 that produces up to 542 horsepower. It has a 0-100 km/h time of 3.4 seconds, and a 343 km/h (213 mph) top speed. A year after its 1991 debut, Bugatti released a SuperSport model that shaved the 0-100 km/h time by 0.2 seconds, while increasing the top speed to 348 km/h (216 mph). The SS debuted at $350,000.

According to New Zealand newspaper The Times, the accident took place during the second supercar parade. Behind the wheel was a Russian man with a "supermodel girlfriend" sitting in the passenger seat. Both seemed to be undamaged physically, but the destruction of a $2 million car likely caused some emotional damage.


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