Following our exclusive release of next-gen Citroen C3 photos, the French automaker has officially confirmed the car's existence. Photos and details of the new C3 inside.

Citroen has decided to officially reveal the new Citroen C3 months before its scheduled Frankfurt Motor Show debut.  The move comes just a few days after World Car Fans published photos of the C3 leaked out from a company event last week.

As previously mentioned, it appears as though early rumors of a full panoramic glass roof were unfounded.  The "Zenith" windshield does in fact extend over the front occupants' heads, but only just to the b-pillar.  The company believes occupants will find the Zenith Windscreen very comfortable, as progressive glass helps keep harsh rays out of the cabin.  Citroen says they worked hard to guarantee that the car would not have an increase in road noise due to the glass extension.  A thin strip of chrome at the top end of the windscreen matches chrome lines seen around the honeycomb grille, and on the side mirrors, door handles, door panels, and trunk.

The car's front end is completely redesigned, with a sportier front bumper featuring integrated fog lights.  The new rear light cluster is designed rather well, and is a nice step up from the current C3 model.  We are still not certain if the entire rear bumper will be painted in the same exterior color of the car, or if the lower section will remain black for all vehicles.  Either way, the bumper's new shape is a nice touch.

At 3.94 meters long, the new C3 is about 12 cm longer than the current model.  The next C3 will also be about 5 cm wider, coming in at 1.71 meters.  Turning circle is a tight 10.2 meters, an improvement on the outgoing generation.

One of the first models available will feature the HDi 90 DPFS engine, meant to showcase the car's green cred.  The engine expels 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer, making this a more environmentally friendly option.  When new powerplants are introduced in 2011, emissions could be reduced to 90 g/km.  Start/Stop looks to be included right off the bat, with a retuned system coming with the new engines.

In these first photos of the car's interior, we see a very clean design utilizing a two-tone thermo-coated dash and center console that matches the contrasting seats and headliner.  The customer can customize the dash a bit by choosing from either a satin grey or glossy brushed aluminum strip mixed with chrome detailing.  It appears a CD-radio, climate control, and sat-nav/infotainment unit are the features built into the console.  The HiFi system gives the driver a few extra options, thanks to the USB port, iPod jack, and BlueTooth.  The covered, recessed gauges feature a pleasing mix of analogue and digital display.

The new Citroen C3 will be built in France at the company's facilities in Aulnay and Poissy.  The car will be available beginning in November.

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