Created by the same New Jersey-based RO-Studio in charge of designing the “SpaceX” logo, the “T” representing Tesla’s badge is actually a perfect fit. The reason for that is because it illustrates a cross section of an electric motor, the heart of all Tesla’s cars. Elon Musk himself revealed the origins of the logo a few days ago on Twitter when asked by a Tesla fan about the story behind the “T.”

Tesla logo origins

As depicted in the image above, the “T” was originally applied onto a silver shield, but eventually Tesla decided to simplify the badge by removing the shield. Speaking of simplifying things, up until last year or so just about everyone was referring to the company as “Tesla Motors,” but the “Motors” has been dropped since then and it’s now simply called “Tesla.” The company’s official website was up until July 2016 accessible at “,” but if you go to that address now it’s going to redirect you to “”


You are going to see the Tesla logo more and more often in the next couple of years taking into account there’s a very long waiting list for the Model 3, which is now listed on the company’s site as “Model 3” instead of the previous “Model ☰”.

More than 400,000 have lined up to get the more affordable compact electric sedan set to enter production later this year. Customer deliveries are slated to begin before the year’s end and new orders will be fulfilled starting mid-2018.

The Model 3 is not the only new car currently in the works at Tesla considering there are plans for a semi-truck, a minibus, and a smaller Model Y crossover. Further down the line, the Roadster will return for a second generation, although it’s not a high priority right now, so don’t expect to see it before the end of the decade.

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Source: Elon Musk (Twitter) via Electrek, Ro-Studio

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