The Ford Mustang is easily one of the most popular cars to customize and modify, and that’s obvious by looking at the sheer abundance of parts available. With just the click of your mouse, eBay Motors has an endless supply of parts that fit any Mustang from the classic first-gen to the ubiquitous Fox Body and even the brand-new 2021 models. It doesn’t matter if your intentions are mild or wild, we’ve chosen the nine best Ford Mustang parts to buy on eBay Motors.


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for stylish graphics at eBay Motors.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to trick out a Mustang is to add vinyl graphics, and eBay Motors has just about any sticker you could imagine. There are a variety of custom stickers to really make your Mustang stand out, or you can go for more of a classic look with graphics for the rocker panels, a blacked-out hood decal, or reverse C-shaped stickers on the fenders. The most common Mustang graphics are racing stripes and a blackout panel between the taillights. No matter which vinyl graphic you choose, this is a DIY upgrade that anyone can tackle.


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for Mustang wings and spoilers at eBay Motors.

Wings and spoilers were developed to increase downforce on racecars, and you can easily add such accessories to your Mustang for function or decoration. For performance, a front chin spoiler mounts under the front bumper allowing the Mustang to better cut through the air, but even if you don’t plan on taking your car to the track, a chin spoiler adds a more aggressive appearance and lowered stance. On the opposite end of the car, a rear wing provides added downforce to increase grip while cornering and provide stability at higher speeds, and it can also give the Mustang a more aggressive look.


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for aftermarket lights at eBay Motors.

Exterior lights are another easy way to customize your Ford Mustang. Up front, there are a wide variety of aftermarket headlights including LED, color changing, and even circular halo headlights, and there are plenty of options for all Mustang generations. You can also spruce up the rear end of your Mustang with a stylish set of taillights. While sequential taillights are a popular upgrade for older Mustangs, there are plenty of options for late-model Mustangs as well. These include factory-look taillights with clear or tinted lenses, while one of the coolest options out there are Mustang taillights styled after the Ford GT. Swapping in aftermarket headlights and taillights is an easy DIY job.


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for wheels at eBay Motors.

The best part about modifying any vehicle is the personalization that goes into choosing wheels, and eBay Motors has a selection of wheel options that is practically limitless. Whether you’re going for a full custom look, a classic look, or just installing a set of Mach 1 takeoffs, you can find any wheel design to fit your taste. 


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for brake upgrades at eBay Motors.

Making a Mustang go fast is fun, but to get peak performance and handling capabilities, don’t overlook the car’s factory brakes. Stock wheels can still accommodate improved drilled and slotted rotors or upgraded pads, and when you get larger diameter wheels you can really step up the braking capability of your Mustang with six-piston calipers and two-piece rotors. Swapping out pads and rotors is an easy task for any DIYers, but installing new calipers is more of an intermediate job.  

Cold Air Intake

9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for cold air intakes at eBay Motors.

The best way to make your car go faster is simply to help the engine breathe easier, and the most cost-effective way to accomplish that is through the use of a cold air intake. As its name suggests, cold air intakes supply the engine with cooler air to boost performance, while another advantage of these bolt-on kits is that they offer a less restrictive air filter and a larger-diameter air tube. Adding a cold-air intake system might be the easiest performance upgrade for DIYers.  

Performance Exhaust

9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for performance exhaust kits at eBay Motors.

Just like the cold-air intake lets the engine inhale easier, adding a performance exhaust increases performance by allowing the engine to exhale better. A performance exhaust upgrade can simply be installing a cat-back exhaust system or it could be a full swap from the OEM setup with headers, larger-diameter tubing, and less restrictive catalytic converters and mufflers. Either way you choose, your Mustang’s engine will be breathing easier and it will sound great, too!

Suspension Upgrade

9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for suspension upgrades at eBay Motors.

There are plenty of ways to make a Ford Mustang faster, but if you want to make it handle better, then you should consider upgrading the suspension. On older Mustangs, a popular option is to swap out the live rear axle for an entire four-link suspension setup, while later Mustangs will carve corners better with a new set of coilovers. Of course, if you’re just looking to give your Mustang a meaner stance, then lowering springs are your best bet. 


9 Best Ford Mustang Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for superchargers at eBay Motors.

Ford’s Coyote V8 delivers plenty of bang for the buck, but you can squeeze even more power out of this engine with a supercharger. A supercharger is a type of forced induction that forces compressed air into the combustion chamber adding more oxygen for increased power output. Adding a supercharger is an expensive and complex upgrade, but bolting a supercharger to your Mustang’s V8 will reward you with a substantial boost in power.

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