The Ford Bronco is back after a 25-year hiatus, but this rugged SUV has always been popular since it originally debuted in 1966. As is the case with any off-road vehicle, part of the fun of owning a Bronco is customizing it to your particular tastes, and you can find all the parts you need at eBay Motors. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand-new 2021 Bronco or one of the four preceding generations, access to parts (OEM and aftermarket) is important for owners. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the nine best Ford Bronco parts to buy on eBay Motors.  


9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for wheels and tires at eBay Motors

Wheels and tires aren’t the cheapest upgrade you can make on a Ford Bronco, but they are the easiest and most effective way to boost the style and off-road performance of an off-road vehicle. When shopping for new tires, you’ll want to think about your long-term plans, because while mud tires provide maximum grip off road, all-terrain tires generally last longer and are quieter. 

Similarly, aftermarket wheels can add a unique look to your Bronco, but buying someone else’s factory take-off wheels will save you a lot of money. Take-offs are the factory wheels/tires that somebody has removed to upgrade to aftermarket wheels or more aggressive tires. The advantage of opting for someone’s take-offs is that you can usually get a really good deal on low-mileage tires still mounted on the factory wheels as the seller should be fairly negotiable to avoid the tires and wheels from taking up garage space.

Vinyl Graphics

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for vinyl graphics at eBay Motors

Vinyl graphics come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and making this type of upgrade adds a personalized look while also complementing the Bronco’s retro style. Body graphics are the perfect way to add a custom look without making the commitment to a repaint or install a body wrap. Looking on eBay Motors, there are already numerous options for vinyl graphics that can be applied to the hood, fenders, and doors of the new Bronco. 


9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for off-road bumpers and winches at eBay Motors

Off-road bumpers give the Bronco added trail protection and a more rugged appearance. While the aftermarket world is still playing catchup with the new Bronco, eBay Motors has plenty of takeoffs available to upgrade your rig without losing the factory style. 

To go along with the bumpers, there are plenty of options for aftermarket winches that allow for a flush-mounted, hidden look. When used properly, winches are the ultimate tool in off-road recovery, and many are easy to install. Some new Bronco models are even offered with a winch-capable bumper straight from the factory.

LED Headlights/Taillights

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for LED headlights and taillights at eBay Motors

LED exterior lighting is a great way to modernize your classic Bronco or improve the look of your new Bronco. Older Broncos can be equipped with a number of LED headlight and taillight designs improving both style and visibility. 

The new Bronco is available with stylish LED headlights on certain trim levels, and there are a number of eBay listings offering OEM takeoff LED headlights as an upgrade for Bronco owners who didn’t get that option from the factory. On top of that, there are sure to be plenty of companies selling aftermarket LED lights for a more customized appearance.

Off-Road Lights

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for off-road lights at eBay Motors

Illuminate the trails by equipping your Bronco with a set of aftermarket off-road lights. For most situations your factory headlights and fog lamps will be enough, but out on the trail where there are no street lights or light pollution from the city is a different story. You can add more lumens with a lightbar atop your Bronco or get some light pods to install in the bumper or A-pillars. Either way, these LEDs will have you seeing better at night while providing more of a custom look. 

Seat Covers

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for seat covers at eBay Motors

Protect your Bronco’s seats or upgrade to a custom-look leather with a new set of seat covers. A set of easy-to-install, slip-on seat covers provides water-resistant protection while you’re driving with the top down, and these covers are available in numerous patterns and designs to bring even more of a custom appearance into your Bronco’s interior. As a more permanent upgrade, swapping out the factory seat covers entirely allows you to ditch the cloth seats for a fancier, easier-to-clean leather interior. 

Lift Kit

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for lift kits at eBay Motors

If you plan on doing any serious off-road driving with your Ford Bronco, then a suspension lift should be at the top of your upgrade list. Lift kits are available in a variety of sizes from mild to wild allowing your Bronco to clear more challenging obstacles and accommodate larger tires. Transform your Bronco into an off-road beast with a suspension lift kit from eBay Motors, while giving it a more rugged style that will make Jeep owners envious. 

Running Boards

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for running boards at eBay Motors

Adding bigger tires and a lift kit is great for off-roading, but it can make getting into your Bronco more of a pain. Remedy that with a set of running boards or side steps. eBay offers a variety of options for side steps including tube-style steps are a perfect cost-effective option, while more advanced power-retractable running boards add a high-tech look and maximize off-road capability.

Roof Tent

9 Best Ford Bronco Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Take your Ford Bronco on the ultimate overland adventure by adding a roof-mounted tent. Forget having to deal with hotels as a roof tent is a quick and easy way to set up camp anywhere. The options for roof tents are practically endless depending on your budget, and they vary from basic to all-out glamping. The best part is that roof tents can be easily removed, so you don’t always need to carry around the added weight and wind drag.  

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