Time is running out to enter now for your chance to win this amazing Corvette prize package that includes a mid-engine 2021 Lingenfelter Corvette C8, 1961 Corvette Convertible restomod, and $43,000 cash to help pay for taxes. Click here to enter and we'll double your tickets with a minimum entry donation of $25. Hurry to enter now because this prize pack is too damn good to pass up and the window to win closes on December 31.

What's that saying? "So much Corvette, so little time." Ok, that's not exactly how it goes, but you'll be saying it in your sleep if your ticket's pulled to win this amazing prize package. Coming from Dream Giveaway, no expense was spared. This 2021 Chevrolet Corvette is brand new and fully loaded – it's got the highest 3LT trim level, prized Z51 Performance Package, and FE5 Performance Suspension with Magnetic Selective Ride Control. Trust us, we've driven every new Corvette model and, with an MSRP over $93,000, this is the one you want. Plus, this C8 has been tuned by the legendary Corvette tuning house Lingenfelter to produce over 560 horsepower. 

Double your tickets with a minimum entry donation of just $25!

If you're feeling a little more classic, this prize pack has you covered with a second car: a 1961 Corvette Convertible that's been incredibly restored to SEMA-quality standards. Being a restomod, this Corvette deviates from the original in ways that make it more fun and comfortable to drive, which includes having air conditioning, power windows, a Kenwood head unit, and an adjustable coil-over suspension with a big brake kit from Wilwood. The Convertible is finished off in show quality silver paint and a custom leather interior for when you want to own your row at the local car show. 

Lastly, there's the cash. This prize pack comes with $43,000 to help you pay Uncle Sam for the privilege of winning. What could be better?

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We know what could be worse: not entering and missing out on your chance to win these two Corvettes and a massive cash prize. Entering is easy: make a donation to Dream Giveaway's favored children's and veteran charities and that's it. Do some good, get some good, but you have to hurry to enter. And as a special bonus for Motor1.com readers, Dream Giveaway will double your entry tickets with a minimum donation of just $25. So go, and enter now before it’s too late!

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