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Giorgio Piola, the master artist of Formula 1 for over 50 years, has returned to the world of timepieces with his latest line of sport watches. Dubbed SPEEDTRAP, these new watches take Piola's unrivaled eye for racing-inspired mechanical design and makes it even more accessible to motorsport fans and watch lovers alike.

If you pre-order now, you'll receive a $50 discount off your purchase of the Giorgio Piola SPEEDTRAP, which can be ordered in one of five colors: black, blue, red, green, or yellow.

Pre-order your SPEEDTRAP sport watch now and receive $50 off!

The SPEEDTRAP is Giorgio at his finest. It brings his Formula 1 inspirations into a watch that embodies the aesthetics and engineering that define the sport.

An F1 steering wheel (McLaren MP4-31) is engraved on the gold-plated back of each timepiece, replicating the precision and elegance of Giorgio's work. The custom base movement in the SPEEDTRAP is produced by Ronda AG based in Lausen, Switzerland; movements manufactured by Ronda have been  at the heart of some of the most illustrious brands in Swiss watchmaking. The SPEEDTRAP's 13-jewel movement, meanwhile, features a chronograph function counting tenths of a second, a date function, and a small seconds counter. 

Giorgio Piola SPEEDTRAP Sport Watch
Giorgio Piola SPEEDTRAP Sport Watch
Giorgio Piola SPEEDTRAP Sport Watch
Giorgio Piola SPEEDTRAP Sport Watch

The SPEEDTRAP also improves on its Piola predecessors by offering easily interchangeable silicone straps that give the watch a fresh new look every time. In fact, your SPEEDTRAP comes not only with the colored strap you ordered, but two additional straps for more fashion options. Below is a list of which additional straps come with each SPEEDTRAP.

Additionally the black, blue, and green SPEEDTRAP comes with a dark stainless steel case while the red and yellow Speedstrap comes with a light stainless steel case.

Order your SPEEDTRAP timepiece by supporting the Kickstarter campaign to have it produced. This direct-to-consumer distribution strategy allows for better production planning and cost negotiations with suppliers, which translates into a more affordable timepiece for you. The MSRP of the SPEEDTRAP is $500.00, but you can still pre-order with a $50 discount by pledging $450.00 to the Kickstarter campaign. Hurry up, as the discount is for a limited time only.

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