In a separate post, we highlighted the 10 cheapest vehicles to maintain and repair, according to the searchable Repair Cost Index database maintained by the automotive website Here, we’ve culled a list of the 10 vehicles the Index says are, on average, the most expensive models in their segments to maintain and repair.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that European luxury/performance models dominate the passenger-car categories. The Porsche Cayman sports coupe is the costliest model cited here, and is projected to set an owner back an average $2,370 each year for maintenance and repairs (the index excludes low-production, budget-busting exotic-car brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin). That’s quite a bit more than the cheapest-to-fix sports car, the Ford Mustang at an estimated $454 a year.

As for pickups, maintenance and repair costs tend to follow the segment’s size categories, with compact and midsize models being cheaper to maintain and repair than both full-size half-ton and heavy-duty versions. The Ram 3500 is the costliest open-bed vehicle in this regard with repair and maintenance costs estimated at an annual $1,244, 

We’ve included both’s Repair Cost Index scores (with lower numbers being better) and a projected cash estimate for annual maintenance and repairs. The results are based on the reported cost of parts and labor for actual procedures submitted by the site’s extensive network of certified repair facilities, which include both private shops and new-car dealers’ service departments.

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