There’s a science behind color that most people don’t understand. It goes beyond simply liking or disliking a shade, and we will admit to not fully understanding what it’s all about. This new study from iSeeCars hints at some of that science, however, both in terms of how certain colors are grouped together, and the desirability of various shades. More importantly for our purposes, the study researches vehicle pricing to reveal the best and worst automotive deals based solely on color.

Some shades certainly sell better than others. Eye-popping colors, for example, dominate this list as having the worst deals on average. That’s no surprise, as crazy colors are often sought after by specific buyers, and as such, they’re willing to pay more to get it. On the other end of the spectrum, warm and neutral tones are the shades that often see the best deals. Nobody likes a brown car, right? Actually, brown isn’t the color listed as having the best deals on average, though a shade of brown does lead the way.

The iSeeCars study analyzed over 4 million vehicles to see which colors most often sold at prices above or below a car’s average market value, be it SUVs, sedans, and everything in between. While some unpopular colors do show up as being potential great deals, there are some surprises on this list. The same can be said for colors you’d expect to have the worst deals.

The study lists the results as a chance-percentage, so without further adieu, let’s jump into the slideshow and see how the colors stack up, going from worst to best.

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