The Texas State Fair has become like an auto show in recent years, with automakers using the event to announce new editions and updates to their trucks and traditional SUVs. This year was no different, as Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and Ram all had news to share. The Lone Star State fair is the topic of this week's podcast episode, along with the larger question of why we Americans love trucks so much. Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff is joined this week by Writers Chris Smith and Chris Bruce to talk all things truck. The discussion begins in Texas, but by the end, the trio is talking about America's love affair with pickups and why it's so unwavering. 

As always, we share some reader feedback on our last episode, and end the show with everyone's favorite segment, What We're Driving This Week. Smith had seat time in a big Chevy Suburban, while Bruce wound up watching other people drive last week at the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Championships at Mid-Ohio Race Course. Neff, meanwhile, was driving a Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition last week, and has some thoughts on faux SUVs. 

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