Welcome to Motor1-On-One, the new podcast interview series hosted by Motor1.com Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff. In each episode, Neff will sit down for a chat with a person from the world of cars. Rather than automaker CEOs, though, his guests will be the interesting and unsung characters who make car enthusiast culture so colorful.


On this inaugural episode of Motor1-on-One, Neff welcomes Patrick Calello, a former toy car maker and serial entrepreneur whose business ventures have invariably revolved around cars. Calello and Neff have history, the two having met first at the beginning of their careers – the latter when he had just taken the helm of Autoblog and the former as the founder of a fledgeling toy car company called Automoblox. 

Fast forward 15 years and they've both moved on from those early projects, but have some great stories to share from those times and how they ended. Calello's latest project is an apparel company called Honda Vintage Culture. An accomplished designer, Calello creates apparel inspired by Honda's motorsport heritage. Like his Automoblox cars, the designs are amazing and the craftsmanship is top notch. His new company makes perfect sense when you hear about what's in his own garage and the cars he's owned in the past.

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