It was with great sadness we learned of Lee Iacocca's passing this week. The legendary auto exec's death dominated the discussion on this week's episode of the U.S. podcast. Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff, Senior Editor Greg Fink, and Latino Managing Editor Simon Gomez chose to speak about the incredible impact Iacocca had on the automotive industry across his many decades of work at both Ford and Chrysler. The Mustang, the K-car, and the minivan will forever be his legacy, as will Chrysler's government bailout in the late '70s and Iacocca's shrewd purchase of AMC that added Jeep to its portfolio. 

Naturally, the editors went from talk of Iacocca to other great automotive CEOs. Each presented their favorites from the past and present, but you'll have to listen to find out who made the cut. 




As always, the podcast ended with what we're driving this week, and this week we presented quite a spread. Fink was saddled with the less-than-impressive Mitsubishi Mirage, Gomez was driving a vanilla Nissan Altima, and Neff had the keys of a McLaren 720S Spider, which he couldn't wait to end the podcast and go drive!

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