Meet Levent Karadöl. After a disease he suffered when he was just 7-months old, Levent has lost all of his eyesight. Sun is nothing but a feeling of warmth to him, he doesn’t even know what “darkness” is like.

Now, he is 40 years old. His life is a big success story. Getting full support from his family, both mentally and economically, Levent did not give up on life and grew up to be a licensed psychologist, helping people. He is happily married and a father of a son, who is just one-month old.

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It is impossible for us to comprehend what he has been through. What we can easily relate, though, is the passion he held in himself throughout his life - love for cars and speed.

About 2 months ago, Levent shared his passion with Turkiye’s Youtube via a comment asking if one day he could be a part of our car reviews. Our team naturally could not ignore such a sincere request. After a long preparation process, Turkiye team has prepared a surprise for Levent that he would never forget.

Not letting up his passion for cars and speed even for a second, Levent got behind the wheel of a sports car, Acura NSX valued at 1 Million Dollars in the Turkish market. He drove through the darkness passionately with his advanced instincts reaching 244 km/h.

We are lost for words so we will let you watch this emotional and unique video and decide yourself.

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