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Automobile longevity is a fickle monster to nail down, especially when you’re trying to break it down by each state because what makes a car last longer isn’t necessarily tied to where you live. It can certainly help when you factor in climate and the quality of the infrastructure. But little beats proper vehicle maintenance and care. A garage, frequent car washes – especially during those winter months in states that use road salt – and regular oil changes can go a long way in keeping a car on the road longer.

To figure out in which state your car will last the longest, we compiled data from Auto Alliance, an advocacy group for the automotive industry. Now, moving to these states won’t magically make your car last longer, but these are the states with the oldest vehicles on the road on average. These beat the national average age of vehicles on the road, which was 11.2 years in 2016 when the data was compiled. Click through to check out the 10 states where your car will last the longest. 

Source: Auto Alliance

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