The 2018 New York Auto Show turned out to be a surprisingly exciting show. Automakers largely kept their big reveals a secret, or their teasers didn't show much of what was coming. This meant that some of the debuts were just as big of a surprise to the team as they were for readers.

This year's New York event hosted quite a few SUV debuts, and we liked many of them. The concept for the next-gen Lincoln Aviator and 2019 Toyota RAV4 were among our favorites from the show. 

Crossovers weren't the only highlights in the Big Apple, though. The sleek Genesis Essentia concept is a beautiful expression of a classic grand tourer. On the other end of the automotive spectrum, the next-gen Corolla Hatchback is also among our favorites.

Check out the slideshow above to see everything that makes the us most excited at the 2018 New York Auto Show.

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