Since the late '60s, the aptly named Italian design firm Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A has been putting its signature styling touches on everything from Lancias to Bugattis. Just recently the iconic shop celebrated its 50th anniversary, and in honor of the occasion, it will debut its new Zerouno Roadster supercar at the Geneva Motor Show. Italdesign also kicked off a design competition that highlights the brand’s "Next 50" philosophy, and is even planning a world tour.

While the future may look bright for the storied Italdesign brand, it’s in the past where we see some of the most stunning, most memorable vehicles the Italian shop has ever imagined. Without spoiling too much, you should be able to recognize a good number of cars on this list. So let’s take a look back at the top 20 cars and supercars that Italdesign has helped imagine.

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