Detroit, Michigan

Audi “S” models have historically sought out whitespace in the “factory-tuned” slice of the enthusiast car market. Where BMW M cars and Mercedes-Benz’ AMG products are typically very thoroughly sorted for added speed and quickness, S cars – unlike the red-blooded RS versions – are hotted up to a lesser degree.

The rest of the car world must see some success in this tiered model, as many premium makers have followed suit. Cadillac has “V Sport” products to slot between the normal fare and full V models, and Mercedes has done the same with underling AMGs.

Audi’s S3 is an especially interesting version of the strategy, as it is deployed on the company’s most humble product, the A3, comes in the kind of small sedan form factor that we driving enthusiasts love, and makes use of its cousin, the Volkswagen Golf R, for engine and oily bits. All that, and it’s kinda-sorta affordable.

Watch below as we give the Why Buy? treatment to Audi’s baby, and see what’s good.

2016 AUDI S3   
ENGINE Turbocharged 2.0L I4
OUTPUT 292 Horsepower / 280 Pound-Feet
EPA FUEL ECONOMY 23 City / 31 Highway / 26 Combined
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