Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Test Drive

Jeremy Clarkson says we shouldn’t drive a soft-top sportscar because pedestrians will see the integral paunch and bald spot. And they’re technically inferior to the hard-top in the corners. Funny thing was, though, as I powered down an A-road in the Porsche Turbo Cabriolet at 100ph with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back I couldn’t quite find the time to care about the drawbacks.

Porsche couldn’t have ordered better weather and the depths of rural Germany took on a Riviera feel for our day behind the wheel. With winding backroads, de-restricted Autobahns and a valley to play with, we couldn’t have asked for much more and while the drivers arrived as cynics, most of us left converted by the depths of the Cabriolet’s skills.

It was always going to be fast, thanks to that 3.6-litre twin turbo engine that blasts out 480 raging horses and 457lb/ft of torque from as low as 2000rpm. That’s thanks to Variable Turbine Geometry that helps the engine fire on all cylinders at low and high revs and helps send the Porsche down the road as if it was pulled by elastic.

The manual version fitted with the Sports Chrono kit with overboost hits 60mph in four seconds, 0.2s behind the computer controlled Steptronic, and keeps going all the way to 192mph thanks to controlled boosts to 501lb/ft of torque. Even though its slower it’s still the one to go for, as the clutch is no more troublesome than Europcar’s softest hatchback’s and the payoff on the back road is ultimate control.

It’s total...