Lamborghini is the latest automaker to refresh its corporate identity with gently updated logo. We'll see the subtly revised raging bull not just on the company's digital channels, but also on actual cars. Chances are that the Huracan replacement and the plug-in hybrid Urus will be the first to get the updated badge later this year.

But exactly has changed? Well, not much. The "Lamborghini" typeface is now slightly wider than before. Black and white remain the primary colors—"symbolizing the clear identity of the brand," or so we're told. Yellow and a new gold shade serve as the accent colors. Interestingly, the Italian exotic car manufacturer also intends to use the legendary bull without the shield but that will only happen on its website, social media, etc.

Lamborghini new logo

We're being told the new colors lend the logo a "minimal yet bold" appearance. Lamborghini, which is technically part of the Audi Group together with Bentley, Ducati, and Italdesign, says it worked with the design team to come up with a fresh set of icons to be used online.

The updated typeface is apparently a nod to the angular design language used by the two supercars and the SUV. Logic tells us the new-old badge is coming not just to the Huracan successor and the electrified SUV, but also to the Revuelto V-12 flagship. A fourth model is destined to arrive in 2028 as the brand's first-ever EV, previewed last year by the Lanzador concept. The 2+2 grand tourer will be followed a year later by the electric-only, second-generation Urus.

Lamborghini is doing better than ever considering 2023 was the first year when deliveries surpassed 10,000 units, reaching 10,112 vehicles. The Huracan and current Urus are already sold out until the end of production while new orders for the Revuelto won't be delivered until 2026.

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