Liam Lawson is one of us. No, really, the F1 star who impressed with his stand-in performances for Daniel Ricciardo last year is an actual dirtbag car enthusiast. And I have proof. He posted a video about his newest project car: A clapped-out 2000 Subaru Forester S/tb, slammed on Ebay coilovers and equipped with an Aliexpress blow-off valve.

Lawson started his YouTube channel a month ago and has already gathered 80,000 subscribers after just six videos. The channel is entirely vlogs of Lawson’s life, ranging from where he lives in the U.K. to visiting California, and back to his home country of New Zealand. While he daily drives a fifth-generation Toyota Supra in England, back home in NZ is where he decided to pick up the Forester.

And the car is just incredible to behold. The paint on the roof is faded. It’s slammed on its frame rails with Yellowspeed Racing coilovers. Seasoned car scumbags will recognize Yellowspeed as a bona fide eBay special. Lawson then says the blow-off valve is from Aliexpress, and says it is “mostly stock” besides the suspension. This, folks, is a classic refrain from a true car dirtbag. He then test drives it, and while it sounds like it has an exhaust, it also scrapes on nearly every bump. Then he wiggles the shifter in gear, and it has enough play for him to say that it “isn’t in neutral.” Need I say more?

It’s rare to see an ultra-elite F1-caliber driver truly exist as one of us. Even the most approachable among them still aren’t scumbagging old shitboxes, though Lewis Hamilton doing donuts in a rental R34 Skyline GT-R is up there. Hell, racing drivers aren’t even all that much into cars, much preferring things like “winning” and “championships.” Most won’t know the joy of a total clapper that makes your next-door neighbor’s finger twitch in anticipation of calling the local homeowners association.

Lawson says that the car will only be a short-term project, however. He plans to build the car during his two-month stay in New Zealand and will auction it off to charity once its complete. Still, it’s official. Lawson is a certified shitbox enthusiast. Salute.

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