Every car has to go through a rigorous set of crash tests before it hits the road. But we’ve never seen a crash test quite like this. Videos posted on TikTok and X show a Chinese-market Hongqi SUV (what appears to be a compact HS5) getting battered, beaten, and set on fire – and surviving all of it.

The video starts with a giant flaming wrecking ball that smahes into the passenger side of the vehicle, which the HS5 absorbs surprisingly well. It dents the doors and sets off the side airbags, but that’s about it. Some commenters suggest the ball could be made of plastic – still, it's on fire


From there, the Hongqi drives through a field of minor explosions before smashing into two brick walls (or what look like brick walls). And finally, they drop a small hatchback on its roof – which barely dents the top of the SUV — before it's able to drive away under its own power.

Hongqi models are built to be tough. China's leader Xi Jinping and his personnel ride around in armored Hongqi N701 limos. It’s unclear if the SUV in the video is also an armored vehicle meant for government use – although, the explosions suggest it could be.


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