I know what you're probably thinking – has Toyota gone mad? Well, not quite. Some of you will recall the current-generation Century sedan lost its roof for the royal parade organized for Emperor Naruhito's enthronement back in 2019. The new SUV version unveiled today bears the same prestigious name and it looks as though Toyota might also chop off its roof.

During the world premiere of the Century SUV, a design sketch of a roofless variant was briefly shown in the background. The teaser appeared in the background while Chief Branding Officer Simon Humphries was talking about how "the possibilities are endless and open to discussion" when it comes to customizing the $170,000 SUV. That apparently also includes turning it into a convertible, provided it actually has a fabric top tucked away behind the rear seats.

2019 Toyota Century Convertible

Simon Humphries even pointed toward the sketch when it appeared on the screen, so it seems Toyota is serious about selling a four-door, ultra-luxury SUV convertible. The regular version will be a rare sight on the streets of Japan considering the automotive giant estimates it'll sell approximately 360 units annually.

Much like the sedan pictured above, it keeps the rear doors and slices the B-pillars in half. But the other two SUVs that were physically there were just as interesting since we never thought the day would come when Toyota would launch a Century SUV. The one on the right is particularly mesmerizing since it's a GRMN version with carbon fiber body parts and electrically sliding rear doors, minivan style.

For deep-pocketed owners, Toyota pledges to offer one-of-a-kind builds in a bid to match the exclusivity of the sedan. Traditionalists will be happy to hear the SUV won't replace the venerable sedan but rather complement it.

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