Renowned recreational vehicle (RV) maker Winnebago has announced a recall of 6,536 motorhomes. The announcement was made following an investigation that confirmed a defect in the Cummins-made generator or more specifically, the fuel hose between the inline fuel filter and the Injection Pump Module (IPM).

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall 23V-307, is aimed at the Winnebago Travato, Solis, and Ekko motorhomes produced between May 2020 and March 2023. As Cummins manufactured the affected component, the Winnebago recall follows Cummins Recall 23E-030, which highlighted the risk of gasoline leak and fire hazard.

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The recall population was also determined using the build dates provided by Cummins, and it is estimated that 100 percent of the involved vehicles have defects. The fuel hose with part number A064P26 is said to have inadequate clamp force due to incorrect specifications.

The risk associated with the defect is the possibility of a gasoline leak, which can lead to a fire if an ignition source is present. Bystanders may also smell or see gasoline in the presence of the defect.

To fix the defect, the affected vehicles will be inspected, and if necessary, the fuel hose and associated clamps will be replaced. The replacement fuel hose has a unique part number A073T925. The remedy program will begin on the planned dealer notification date of April 28, 2023.

Cummins will conduct the recall, including notifying owners, performing the remedy, and submitting quarterly status reports to NHTSA. The planned owner notification date is June 2, 2023, and reimbursement, if applicable, will follow the plan on file with NHTSA.

Winnebago has already initiated a shipment hold to contain affected units in their possession, and there are no known incidents or injuries associated with the defect. However, the recall is essential to ensure the safety of the affected vehicle owners and the general public.

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