If you're into cars and occasionally find yourself on Facebook or Reddit, you may have encountered something strange recently. A curious post appeared in both places on March 6, asking people to "Date" our son, and you can probably guess why date is in quotes. For our purposes, this bonkers request came with the promise of a free low-mile Buick Regal in exchange for said services.

The average person might find it a tad amusing, but if you're a right and proper car nerd like us at Motor1.com, you may have thought hey, is that a supercharged Buick Regal GS? The interior looks like leather, and if it's really rust-free with only 40,000 miles, that's a keeper-sleeper from the end of the Radwood era. It had 240 horsepower in stock trim, but a pulley and a tune could turn these sedans into performance monsters. Suddenly, a few dates to bring a young man out of his shell seems like a pretty good trade. Right?


Of course it's not right, and by that we mean too good to be true. After making the rounds at Reddit, this simple post was found to be a viral marketing ploy for a new Jennifer Lawrence movie called No Hard Feelings. In the film, JLaw plays Maddie, an Uber driver whose car gets repossessed, and well, you can imagine the plot from there. She answers the ad to date a socially awkward 19-year-old named Percy (played by Andrew Feldman) for the summer, at the request of his parents.

A decidedly not-safe-for-work video trailer for the movie recently hit the internet, confirming the Buick proposition is indeed purely fictional. As for the film, Lawrence's character pledges to "date his brains out," and from there, hilarity ensues. At least, that's what we gather from the trailer. Honestly, we're still trying to figure out if that's a Regal GS or not.

Perhaps if Ms. Lawrence reads this, she can send us a tip as to what's under the hood. And there's always an invitation to discuss the Regal (and the film) on our Rambling About Cars podcast.

Look for No Hard Feelings to reach theaters this summer.

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