The E24-generation BMW 6 Series was produced between 1976 and 1989, and during that time, a total of around 86,216 units were manufactured. While this number may not seem particularly low, it is worth noting that the E24 was a relatively expensive and exclusive car in its day, which means that it is still considered rare and desirable by collectors today. 

In an episode of The Late Brake Show on YouTube, Jonny Smith travels to North Yorkshire to investigate an '80s BMW 6-Series coupe that was bought by a man named Pete but has not been driven for over 20 years.

Unfortunately, Pete passed away last year, so the team is unsure about the car's condition. The M-Sport body-kitted, manual BMW 6er has been parked since 2001, and the team hopes to start the engine.

The car's family does not want to be on camera due to personal reasons, and they did not know that their father still owned the car, let alone its condition. The folks over at The Late Break Show had to seek permission from the daughter to enter the garage. Although many gas fittings and scrap were removed during the house clearance, the car remained untouched.

The 1984 gray BMW 6-Series E24 model 628 CSI with manual transmission was found covered in scrap that the family removed before the Late Break Show team arrived. They noticed that the only tire that still had air was tight against the wall. They could not get inside the car or the trunk, as well, so they cleared the area to inflate the tires to get a better look at the engine bay.

With the help of an authority on classic BMWs, it was discovered that the car was off the road in 2001. The team suspected that it was due to a fault, which means they might have to perform some diagnostic work.

Will this classic E24 BMW 6 Series get to start again? The video atop this page answers that question but as a clue, this 628 CSI will be coming up for sale.

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