Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through December 19, 2022, shows that Ford had issued the most vehicle recalls in the United States last year. In a total of 65 campaigns, the Blue oval automaker has recalled over 8.6 million vehicles in the country, significantly more than any other in the US automotive industry.

Vehicle manufacturers in the United States had issued 390 recalls as of December 19, data from the NHTSA reveals, affecting more than 25 million vehicles sold in the country. Ford ranked first for the second consecutive year, followed by Volkswagen with 45 recalls affecting over 1 million vehicles, and Daimler Trucks with 42 recalls of 273,311 vehicles. Stellantis came fourth with 38 recalls (more than 3 million vehicles affected), Forest River with 35 recalls (203,694 vehicles affected), and General Motors with 30 recalls (3.26 million vehicles affected).

November was especially busy for recalls at Ford with the automaker recalling half-million Broncos for fire risk and about 450,000 F-150 trucks for potential wiper motor failure. The most recalled components category for the company, however, was powertrains. Another major recall Ford had to issue covered nearly 50,000 Mustang Mach-E electric crossovers with a potential power loss.

Ford CEO Jim Farley has said that "we're improving our launch and initial quality, but our overall quality isn't as good as it should and can be.” Ford spokesperson Maria Buczkowski also told Automotive News “that's why we're deploying a comprehensive end-to-end process to raise quality and keep it high — in design, production, delivery, and after-sale service and support."

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In general, there are several factors that affect the number of recalls an automaker issues annually. The higher the number of new models, the higher the chance for recalls, for example. The addition of more and more high-tech safety and assist features, on the other hand, also means the number of recalls is rising. "While we don't ever want customers inconvenienced by problems with our products when it's necessary, we're going to use recalls to call attention to them," Buczkowski summarized.

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