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The GMC Jimmy was the predecessor of today’s Yukon and it was sold until 1991 as the more luxurious version of the Chevrolet Blazer. The latter will return to General Motors’ lineup in the form of a completely electric crossover coming for the 2024 model year. There’s nothing coming from the factory for the Jimmy but the folks over at Flat Out Autos strike again with a new modern makeover bringing back the fabled name.

The tuning specialists have finished work on their Jimmy custom build that will be presented during this year’s SEMA where it will compete in the Battle of the Builders. Flat Out Autos shared the first real-life photos of the revived Jimmy on Facebook and we have to admit we absolutely love it. Judging by the reactions on social media, everyone loved what they saw and the firm even said it is “closing in on a million views in under 24 hours with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.”

Gallery: GMC Jimmy by Flat Out Autos

This modern-day interpretation of the Jimmy follows the recipe of the original two-door truck and combines it with a front fascia inspired by GMC’s current products. The front end has large C-shaped headlights, a massive grille in between, and a blackened GMC logo in the center. There’s a two-seat bench at the back and interestingly, there’s a center brake light on the B-pillar. It would make sense if it is turned off when the top is on, though we don’t know whether that’s the case.

Behind the rear seats, the cabin continues where you would usually find a cargo bed in a truck of that size – that’s why this area is actually upholstered. Flat Out Autos also envisions the reborn GMC Jimmy with a roof rack and a tent installed on the rack. To a certain extent, the vehicle looks like a truck with a hardtop – but when you remove it, you can all the sunshine from the rear seats making it half a convertible.

Unfortunately, we don’t know whether the tuning firm has plans to put this project into production. Maybe we will learn more when the SEMA starts so make sure to check the space again in early November for more details.

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