Say what you will about Toyota, but there's no denying it makes some of the most reliable cars out there. Sub-brand Scion failed not because of bad engineering, but due to an identity crisis as it didn't manage to lure in the younger audience. Its products weren't updated as often as they should've been and the whole lifestyle brand approach never really took off. Consequently, Toyota said "scionara" in 2016, just 13 years since its inception.

Some folks are still holding on to their Scions, such as the case with Keith and his second-generation xB. The boxy little hatchback has racked up 300,000 miles (482,800 kilometers) and is still going strong with little to no issues in the 13 years of ownership. He's been changing the oil once every 5,000 to 6,000 miles (8,050 to 9,650 kilometers) and the car has never left him stranded on the side of the road. It still has the original water pump, alternator, and even the clutch.

Keith explains the steering remains as tight as ever and the suspension is still all-original while the brakes and air conditioning do their job as advertised. The 2009 Scion xB continues to return somewhere in the region of 30 miles per gallon (7.8 liters / 100 km). While the engine bay doesn't look all that great, the only problem he's ever had was with the fan belt that had to be changed and is due for another replacement soon.

That engine is a bit thirsty in the sense it’s been consuming about a quarter of a gallon of oil between changes from the very beginning. Interestingly, the battery is almost 10 years as Keith changed it back in 2012. He goes on to mention there are no signs of rust underneath the car while the body looks great for such a high-mileage vehicle, although there is an early sign of rust on the passenger side.

He has no intentions of selling his dearly xB in the foreseeable future and he keeps it in a climate-controlled garage all year long.

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