The V8 engine is probably the most popular engine configuration around, mostly because it has been around for decades.

However, if you've been wanting to build your own remote-controlled car powered by a V8, your choices for a model V8 engine are thin and most of them are pricey.

Toyan, a company known for making scale model engines, has released a V8 engine that's relatively affordable. Currently selling for a promo price of $1,799.99 at Stirlingkit, the Toyan FS-V800 can be bought as either a DIY kit or a pre-assembled version on a 1/10 scale. The video atop this page gives you a look at the assembly of its DIY kit.

Gallery: Toyan FS-V800 1/10 Scale V8 Engine

The small Toyan V8 engine has a 90-degree cross-type crankshaft structure, which is found on most V8 muscle cars. If you're looking for a flat-plane crankshaft version, like the one used on the C8 Corvette Z06, there isn't one right now, unfortunately. Toyan will be releasing more versions of this V8 in the future, so it is a possibility.

In terms of fuel, the Toyan V8 scale model mill consumes nitrofuel (or nitro). At this time, it's the only fuel choice for this tiny engine, though it shouldn't be a problem considering its ease of availability in the market.

The V8 scale model engine uses a dual carburetor setup. It also has mixed splash lubrication and no independent lubrication system. It's water-cooled, so there's a built-in mechanical water-cooling pump. However, the starter system isn't part of the kit, but you can buy one on Stirlingkit for $299.99.

The Toyan FS-V800 is a perfect V8 engine for a remote-controlled muscle car, from 1/7 scale up to 1/5. The company doesn't have a frame for this scale model engine yet, so you will need to modify one yourself if you plan to build a kickass RC car.

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