Jaguar is in a stage of rapid change as it seeks to become a premier manufacturer of luxurious electric vehicles. This new paradigm shift for the Jaguar brand means that its entire lineup will require a serious overhaul. Jaguar is hard at work rapidly developing a bespoke electric vehicle architecture that will bring the brand into the future. This push for new tech is coinciding with a celebration of its beloved internal combustion cars like the F-Type which will receive a special trim later this year.

Jaguar plans to celebrate its beloved internal combustion cars and plans to spend a great deal of time on the Jaguar F-Type, which will be the last internal combustion Jaguar sports car. Bolloré told Auto Express, “As we move towards 2023, we’ll be celebrating 75 years of Jaguar sports cars, and the F-Type will be the last internal combustion engine Jaguar sports car. It’ll be a wonderful celebration of what has been.”

In an interview with Auto Express Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré explained the future of the JLR brand. According to Bolloré, Jaguars will utilize a brand new EV platform that is currently under development with test mules hitting the road very soon. This new platform will lead the Jaguar brand into its EV-based future where it plans to sell high-end EVs in the $100,000 price bracket.

Before this news, the Jaguar brand and its plans for the future have been very quiet and seemed almost non-existent. Bolloré explains that JLR was quietly working on the new Jaguar EV platform while also working to promote its new Land Rover Defender 130 three-row SUV.

As Jaguar continues to move toward this new future, only the electric i-Pace SUV will remain in the current lineup and bridge the gap for the brand. All of the current internal combustion Jaguars will evolve into EVs or fade into memory.

Are you looking forward to an EV-only Jaguar line-up of ultra-luxury cars?

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