With Alfa Romeo moving on to electrification of its SUVs, the Giulia will not be left out of the spotlight. Before adopting a battery-powered system, Alfa Romeo is giving the sedan a refresh – and a prototype has been spotted on the road, courtesy of Walter Vayr on Facebook.

Don't expect a revolutionary change in terms of design, though. In fact, Alfa didn't even bother covering much of the bodywork except for some details on the grille, the headlamps, and the lower intakes. We expect some minute rework here and there but nothing extensive. As far as the meaning of facelift goes, this is pretty much it.

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That's because the refresh was done only to keep the Giulia fresh before its inevitable foray into the EV market. For the uninitiated, Alfa Romeo has confirmed that the next-generation Giulia will be an all-electric model. Details of the sedan's EV future are scarce at the moment.

Of note, Alfa Romeo has confirmed that it will become an EV-only brand by 2027, so introducing a new generation with an internal combustion engine will not make sense within this timeframe.

That said, this facelifted Giulia will likely be the last iteration before Alfa's EV era.

Alfa's venture into the EV market comes with a reinforcement in the SUV segment. The Tonale has been introduced as a model under the Stelvio. A smaller crossover will be introduced under the Tonale with the name Brennero, confirmed to debut in 2024. Electric versions of these high-riding models are underway.

The focus might be on electrification and SUVs but you can expect the facelifted Giulia by 2023. If you're a fan of the BMW 3 Series rival, here's your final chance to buy one brand new without a charging port. 

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