Alfa Romeo now falls under the large corporate umbrella that is Stellantis, and the new conglomerate has plans to invest in the Italian brand through the decade. The automaker is already expanding its lineup, recently introducing the Tonale, though it won’t be the last new crossover joining its portfolio. In a surprisingly candid interview, Alfa CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato details the new model, the brand’s first full-electric model.

Imparato revealed to Automotive News Europe that the new model, likely to be named the Brennero, will slot below the Tonale in Alfa’s lineup. It’ll launch in 2024. While it’ll be the brand’s first full-electric vehicle, Alfa will offer it with combustion engines. The first electric-only vehicle launches in 2025, the same year Imparato says that all new models will be 100 percent electric.

Gallery: 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale

Imparato previously headed Peugeot, helping to fix the brand’s financial outlook, and he wants to do the same at Alfa. He plans to achieve that by targeting BMW on price wherever the two brands compete, and he hopes to achieve cost parity in just a few years.

Alfa will require a fresh lineup to compete, and the company has plans to develop five new models. One is the recently launched Tonale, while two others will replace the Giulia and Stelvio. The sub-Tonale crossover is the fourth, with Alfa admitting it hasn’t decided what it will do for the fifth one. Imparato said that the company wants it to compete outside of Europe, hinting that it will also arrive in the US.

Alfa wants to have a significant reveal every year through 2030, whether launching an all-new model or a refreshed product. The Tonale previews the company’s more focused direction as it carves a place for itself inside Stellantis’ cramped portfolio, helping bridge the transition between Alfa’s gas-powered past and its electric future.

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