General Motors filed for a trademark on a new version of the Buick logo. The emblem is simpler than the current version (see comparison below). The three shields are now in a horizontal line, rather than a diagonal orientation. There's an arch shape in the middle of the updated look.

GM filed for this trademark in the United States on March 16, 2022. As of this writing, the US Patent and Trademark Office lists its status as "New Application Processing." Below you can see the new logo (right) alongside the current one (left):

New Buick Logo Trademark Filing With Old Logo

Oddly, GM originally filed for this trademark in Jamaica on October 13, 2021. Now, it has applied for this look in the US.

There's no reference in the trademark application to whether there are colors associated with the new emblem or if it's monochrome. Previous versions of the logo gave each shield in its own shade of red, white, and blue.

Don't expect to see this logo on Buick products until GM actually receives the trademark for the new look. That process generally takes several months.

The timing might be right for us to see this emblem on the electric vehicle concept that Buick is teasing ahead of a debut this summer. The lone image we have of the vehicle shows a swoopy LED running light that bends down the body on the outer edge.

On December 20, 2021, GM filed for a trademark for the term Buick Electra. The current status of it is also "New Application Processing." The company abandoned its previous trademark for Electra on July 28, 2014.

It's possible that GM intends to revive the Electra name for this upcoming concept. The moniker is a good fit for an EV. Buick last had an Electra-branded model in its American lineup in 1990.

Gallery: Buick Electra Concept

In 2020, Buick displayed an Electra concept in Shangai (above). The vehicle was a crossover but had a coupe-like silhouette. It featured a pair of butterfly doors on each side. Inside, the driver looked at a massive screen that didn't extend across the whole cabin, so that the front passenger had lots of legroom. The vehicle used an electric motor to power each axle. The total output was 583 horsepower (435 kilowatts), and the battery provided a projected range of 372 miles (600 kilometers).

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