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Truck campers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes today that fit a plethora of pickups. It seems as if more people than ever are venturing into the wilderness, and they are taking their trucks with them. There are numerous truck camper manufacturers out there creating innovative products, but some campers stand out from the crowd more than others, like this custom all-aluminum creation that was spotted parked in Florida.

This thing is a beast, extending well past the tailgate and far out over the truck's hood, but it's even longer than that with the storage box hanging off the front bumper. The all-aluminum exterior makes it hard to miss in the bright Florida sun, too. The entrance is located at the back tucked underneath an overhang, and there appears to be a drawer and workbench back there, too. There's a Honda generator tucked away as well.

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The exterior has four windows – two in the central area and two above the cab – and a passenger-side slide-out. The portion over the cabin where the bed typically goes looks uncharacteristically long and quite roomy. It looks like it could fit a king-size bed and then some. We'd bet the slide-out features the kitchen stuff – sink, stove, fridge, and some counter space. The front comes to an edge for aerodynamic purposes, and there are lights all around so no one will mistake its large size at night.

Underneath the camper is a red Ford F-550 Super Duty dually. The truck has Minnesota plates, and it clearly gets around. There are no photos of the interior available, though it would be interesting to see how it looks on the inside and how it's designed. The long overhang on the roof seems quite interesting, too, though the camper's owner is probably a private person, so if you see this beast on the road, you should admire it from afar.

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