Now that the Audi RS3 is out, it's understandable why the S3 is no longer getting the same attention as before. However, Motoren Technik Mayer wishes to remind us the lesser of the two hot hatchbacks is still a fun pocket rocket, especially after massaging the engine for more power. It's no inline-five little monster like its big-brother RS3, but MTM has managed to push the four-pot well beyond the 401 hp available in the Audi Sport model.

Our pal Auditography spent some quality time with the German tuner's S3 Clubsport in Kitzbuhel, Austria while the boldly colored compact performance model climbed the Alps. Aside from the eccentric finish with Python Yellow and green decals, you can tell by the prominent front bumper spoiler and the large wing at the back – both in carbon fiber – this is far from an ordinary S3.

Gallery: 2022 Audi S3 MTM Clubsport

MTMgot rid of the original wheels to install its own 19-inch Bimoto set and modified the interior by removing the rear seats to make room for a roll cage. As for the driver and the remaining passenger, they both sit on Recaro Podium bucket seats color-coordinated with the flashy body finish. As any respectable tuner, the S3 is more than just visual upgrades as a lot has happened underneath the hood.

The aftermarket specialist has no fewer than four power upgrades for the 2.0 TFSI. Those who want more than the stock 306-hp output can get a stage 1 kit unlocking 360 hp courtesy of software optimizations. Stage 2 adds custom downpipes for an extra 20 hp, while the stage 3's upgraded air intake boosts the four-cylinder engine to 430 hp.

MTM's stage 4 includes a beefier turbocharger to extract 480 hp from the engine, in which case the 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run takes only 3.2 seconds. The Audi S3 Sportback will need 10.7 seconds to reach 124 mph (200 km/h) from a standstill, which isn't too shabby for only a four-banger car.

We can see the car having some fun in the snow despite packing Quattro as all S and RS models. It might not have the RS3's drift mode, but it's still a real hoot on a slippery surface.

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