The motorhome industry has been exploding in the last decade with more and more automakers joining a market usually dominated by aftermarket companies. Today, you can buy a house on wheels in literally any size - from small single-person camper trailers to massive luxury motorhomes with a garage for your sports car. And if the latter sounds like a new idea to you, take a look at the gallery below.

It depicts the mighty Camelot Cruiser which is a 40,000-pound (18,143-kilogram) trailer coach built back in 1974 by a company called Edler & Company. It was one of the most luxurious and opulent motorhomes in the 1970s offering absolutely everything you’ll ever need on the road - including a basement garage with two impressive vintage snowmobiles. 

Gallery: 1974 Ford C750 'Camelot Cruiser' Trailer Coach for sale

This particular example is one of the first produced from the series and comes equipped with linens, dishes, and all the little details you’ll need in the kitchen. There’s a full-size living room followed by a large bedroom with a double bed. Next to it is the restroom and one more room for relaxing. All the areas are fully furnished with matching original chairs and tables. 

The Camelot Cruiser shared its floor pan with two other motorhomes at the time, with the only difference being the layout of the cargo area. As mentioned, this particular example was designed to carry two snowmobiles, and there was one built to haul a boat and one for horses. The best news is that basically everything on this trailer coach is original, including the exterior paint.

A cab-over-engine C-series truck was used as a base featuring a 5.8-liter Ford-sourced gasoline engine, mated to a four-speed automatic gearbox. The seller explains this unit has “undeniable reliability and exceptionally long service life” and “you could hardly pick a more reliable classic mid-sized truck” for the purpose. If you want to bid for this retro motorhome, you have to register at WorldWideAuctioneers.

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