The Kia EV6 is the first offering from the South Korean brand that's built from the ground up as a pure electric vehicle. It had a massive global debut in March 2021, but today Kia offers some insight into the EV6 bound for the US market. For all intents and purposes it's the same EV6 you'll find elsewhere, but there are some interesting differences for US buyers.

On the performance side, the main item of note is that Kia lists a maximum estimated range of around 300 miles. This compares to 316 miles per WLTP standards mentioned in the global debut; Kia doesn't mention an EPA rating so an official figure is still in the works. As for power, the range-topping GT will use dual motors for a combined 576 horsepower (430 kilowatts) driving all four wheels. It's enough to send the EV6 GT to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

The GT will be joined by three other lesser-powered variants, starting with a rear-wheel-drive model packing 167 hp (124 kW). An upgraded RWD EV6 with a larger battery will have 218 hp (162 kW), followed by the base AWD EV6 with dual motors for a combined 313 hp (233 kW) and a 0-60 time of 5.1 seconds. The first to market will be the EV6 First Edition, limited to 1,500 units and available in unique color combinations. It will be a well-optioned model with all-wheel drive, though Kia doesn't specify if it gets the sizzling performance of the GT. Reservations for the First Edition open on June 3.

Gallery: Kia EV6 GT

As a refresher, the EV6 has the world's first patented multi-charging system that supports 400v and 800v charging. When hooked up to the fast charger, 70 miles of range can be added in five minutes and 210 miles takes 18 minutes. It also has Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) functionality, meaning it can basically serve as a big mobile battery with 110-volt outlets available to power anything with a standard plug. The EV6 can also charge other electric vehicles at 1.1 kW, which is a slow charge equivalent to using a standard 110-volt charger.

Inside, the EV6 boasts a dual integrated 12-inch center cluster and infotainment screens. The result is a wide curved display that dominates the dash, and technology is extreme. The EV6 comes standard with 21 driver-assist and safety systems, with advanced features like an augmented reality head-up display available.

2022 Kia EV6 US Model Rear View
2022 Kia EV6 US Model Interior View

"The EV6 marks a new and transformative era in Kia electrification," said Sean Yoon, president and CEO of Kia North America. "This innovative crossover leverages the many benefits of its advanced platform to offer a level of technological excitement and convenience that will provide a superb ownership experience."

The EV6 will go on sale in Kia's home market of South Korea later this year, but despite First Edition reservations starting in June, US buyers will have to wait until 2022 to get behind the wheel. Deliveries will start early in the year, with the range-topping GT model scheduled to arrive at the end of 2022.   

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