The Toyota bZ4X electric vehicle concept arrives to preview the Japanese brand's entry into the burgeoning crossover EV segment. The company plans to launch the production version in mid-2022 with production taking place in Japan and China. Unfortunately, the automaker isn't willing to share US-market details about the vehicle yet, saying that info is coming "at a later date."

The bZ4X wears a small hexagonal grille in the lower part of the fascia and vertical gills in the corners, but there are otherwise no openings in the front end. The narrow headlights each have four LED elements and a strip for the daytime running lights along the top.

Gallery: Toyota bZ4X BEV concept

In profile, the bZ4X has complex sculpting that includes a scooped-out section running along the shoulder line and a crease in the lower part of the door that kinks upward at the rear fenders. The C-pillar has a steep rake that creates a sharp shape when viewing the crossover from the side.

The back of the bZ4X follows the trend of incorporating a full-width strip for the taillights. Horizontally stacked LEDs create a futuristic look for the lamps.

Inside, the driver looks through the steering wheel at a digital instrument cluster that sits at the end of a gutter. The design seems like a way to prevent glare on the screen while retaining an open design. A wide infotainment screen is at the top of the center console, and buttons for operating the HVAC system are below it. The center console houses a knobby controller for the drive modes, buttons for toggling the assistance systems, and an infotainment screen touchpad with a blue glow.

Toyota bZ4X Concept Dashboard
Toyota bZ4X Concept Dashboard Angled

Toyota isn't discussing any powertrain details beyond saying that the bZ4X is all-wheel drive. The model results from a joint development with Subaru, and it rides on the e-TNGA platform for electric vehicles.

The "bZ" moniker stands for "beyond zero" and is Toyota's designation for an upcoming family of EVs. The company has already applied for trademarks for the bZ1X through bZ5X names, in addition to them without the 'X,' suggesting these wouldn't have all-wheel drive.

Toyota plans to have seven models on the bZ family worldwide by 2025, and they would be among 15 electric vehicles in total. The automaker also intends to have around 70 products with some form of electrification by this time. There is even an electrified pickup truck on the way.

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