Stellantis is off to a great start following its official establishment earlier this year. The newly-founded manufacturer is currently the largest automaker in Europe by the number of sales during the first two months of the year. And yes, this means it’s beating Volkswagen Group.

According to data from European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), Stellantis has delivered a total of 480,888 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the 30 European countries the organization tracks. Against that, Volkswagen Group has shifted 452,400 vehicles from all its brands, giving Stellantis an advantage of about 28,500 more vehicles sold in January and February 2021.

It’s important to note that when it comes to passenger car sales only, VAG retains its top position. With 419,855 sales, it’s ahead of Stellantis, which sold 377,244 passenger cars during that period. Simply put, Stellantis’ 103,644 light-commercial vehicles were enough to compensate for the lower passenger car sales.

A huge contributor to Stellantis’ great results was Peugeot. In February, the French had the two top-selling models on the Old continent with the 208 taking the crown with 18,351 sales, followed by the 2008 crossover based on the same platform with 16,845 deliveries. The Volkswagen Golf was third, followed by the Renault Clio and Toyota Yaris. 

Taking a look at 2020, Volkswagen Group took a comfortable win over its competitors with 3.23 million passenger and LCV sales. The combined sales of PSA and FCA were about 3.03 million but it seems that 2021 is off to a stronger start with the launch of Stellantis as an automaker.

The increased sales could be a sign of positive changes within Stellantis despite the recent somewhat weird cost-cutting measures. Large synergies are expected to take effect as early as 2023, when different brands from the automaker are expected to unify their production and generate further savings.

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