Ah, the Autobahn. The last bastion of speed on public roads without risking losing your license, unless you are speeding on one of the restricted sections of Germany's glorious highway. Sreten, the man behind the YouTube channel "M539 Restorations," took his much-pampered BMW M5 from the E39 generation for a top speed run.

On a Sunday evening at around 10 PM, Sreten embarked on a quest to push the speedometer's needle all the way up to 300 km/h (186 mph) without breaking any laws. Dashcam footage shows the high-performance sedan is an effortless mile-cruncher and pulls strongly even though the car was built two decades ago and has racked up close to 200,000 kilometers (124,000 miles).

The best way to end the night speed run on the Autobahn is by paying tribute to the Queen of the Nürburgring: "This was for you Sabine (Schmitz). Rest in peace you legend." Sreten goes on to say his V8-powered sedan is as stable as a tank and at 240 km/h (149 mph) it feels like it's doing 60 km/h (37 mph), which is understandable after hitting the magical 300 km/h mark.

It's worth pointing out the YouTuber has an entire fleet of old BMWs, including a 1991 8 Series and 1989 7 Series, both with V12s. He has owned more than 25 models from Bavaria, buying and restoring them. While he's not a professional mechanic (he works in IT), it's safe to say he knows his way around BMWs.

This 2001 E39 M5 was subjected to an annual service earlier in the video, and if you have the time to watch the full 40-minute episode, you'll realize the sports sedan is in great condition.

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