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As automakers hurry to stand out from the growing crossover crowd with high-riding suspensions, chunky tires, and extra cladding, Subaru has been conspicuously absent until now. There’ve been rumors of a more capable Wilderness package in development for a while, but it now looks as if we’ll finally see it debut later this month on the Outback. Subaru has dropped a new teaser for a new Outback model.

The Japanese must have heard our complaints about the previous teaser being zoomed too far out because the new teaser is now too close. It shows the crossover wearing rugged rocker panels, chunkier tires, and unique wheels, but nothing else. Subaru also isn’t providing any concrete details about the new offering, only alluding to what we should expect: “The legendary Outback is the most rugged, most capable vehicle in the Subaru lineup. But what if Subaru pushed things further? Or went higher?”

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Subaru goes on to say that the new Outback comes with “more capability and off-road features.” We expect that to mean Subaru will give the crossover an upgraded, higher-riding suspension for more ground clearance, a more rugged look with extra cladding, and other subtle upgrades to improve its capability. We don’t expect it to follow a Jeep Wrangler up Moab, though the extra height and other upgrades, possibly including a skid plate, should help it when it loses sight of the pavement. We don’t expect Subaru to make any significant changes to the powertrain.

We won’t have to wait long to get all of the details. Subaru has announced it’ll reveal the Outback Wilderness later this month on March 30 at 11 a.m. ET. The Outback Wilderness should be the first of several such-branded models, with a Forester Wilderness expected to arrive later this year. Subaru is already a company known for its outdoorsy attitude, and the new Wilderness trim should only bolster that.

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