The GLE SUV dropped one of its most unique options simply because nobody bought it and that’s a shame. This morning MotorTrend broke the news to the automotive world that moving forward no Mercedes GLE will come with the superb E-ABC (E-Active Body Control) system which allows the SUV to bounce using its hydraulic suspension.

The E-ABC system is far more than a simple party trick and works to keep equipped vehicles flat during cornering and off-set weight distribution of passengers and cargo to keep the vehicle from sagging. One of the unique advantages of this system is the Free Driving Assist mode which allows you to bounce your Mercedes-Benz SUV out of snow or sand. If you're stuck in one of these tough situations the bouncing can have a profound effect on traction to help you get unstuck.

To activate the Free Drive Assist mode, you must be stationary or at very low speeds for safety reasons. Mercedes-Benz does not, however, limit where you can use this feature, which allows you to put on some impressive displays in parking lots. Mercedes-Benz seems to have leaned into the use of their E-ABC Free Drive Assist mode for entertainment as they even made a music video using it as a backup dancer.

Mercedes-Benz told MotorTrend that E-ABC was dropped from the GLE SUV because of a low take rate. This system is still offered on the larger GLS-580 as an option and standard on the GLS 600 Maybach. So, if you’re looking for a dancing SUV all you need to do is spend a little more money and Mercedes-Benz will happily sell you one.

The unique E-ABC suspension system is also offered on top-spec Mercedes-Benz sedans although the bouncing Free Driving Assist mode is not offered. This is simply because Mercedes-Benz developed the bouncing suspension for off-roading and not showing off. So, it sounds like we’re a simple ECU flash way from bouncing S-Classes.

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