By now, all of you should be aware of the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. It wasn't just a health crisis, but also economic, with manufacturing, production, and sales hampered due to impaired mobility. It's a domino effect, and there are industries that receive the effect just now as a result of what happened last year.

One of those is the tire industry. With factory shutdowns last year, tire supply became less optimal. And while you may argue that mass market, more popular tire sizes aren't affected because of the on-going production restart, those that wear the more niche types get the shorter end of the stick.

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And yes, those include the Chevy Corvette C7, particularly the Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1. In a report by GM Authority, the supply for rear tires for the mentioned C7 trim levels is currently low, with only the Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ available in the market today. Even those coming from other brands such as Bridgestone and Continental are mostly unavailable in retailers and resellers in the US.

In case you're unaware, all Corvette C7 Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1 wear 335-25-20 rear tires, which are unusual sizes. In comparison, the base C7 Stingray is equipped with 285-30-20 rears.

While the production of tires has already restarted, tire companies naturally prioritize restocking those usual sizes with greater demand.

If you're among the Corvette C7 owners who are up to replace their rear rubbers at this time, don't fret. GM Authority reports that sources familiar with the matter said that the production of 335-25-20 series tires will be restarted as soon as mid-March.

That wasn't too long from now, we reckon, so make sure to practice patience while waiting for the restock, hopefully by the end of March or early April.

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