After seeing spy shots of a mysterious Kia EV for quite some time, we can look forward to a full debut of the electric crossover in March. It's somewhat bad news for people expecting to see this product in February like the claim in an earlier teaser.

Kia's info says that the electric crossover goes by the internal codename CV, but the automaker isn't disclosing the moniker for the production vehicle yet. The company promises the model to have its Highway Driving Assist Level 2. In 2023, there are plans to add Highway Driving Pilot, which is a step towards full Level 3 driving assist capability.

Spy shots (above) tell us that the CV features a sleek, rounded body. The low-slung nose gives way to a teardrop-shaped roof. The odd shape of the mirrors with little spurs coming off the bottom suggests the company might be embedding big cameras in these spots. There are no good views of the cabin yet, but we're expecting high-tech surroundings.

The CV rides on Hyundai Motor Group's Electric-Global Modular Platform. In its investor announcement, Kia says that it has 11 models in the plan to ride on these underpinnings. These vehicles get cutting-edge tech like audio-video navigation telematics, over-the-air services, and feature-on-demand elements.

E-GMP can reportedly support batteries providing around 310 miles of range. Fast charging should be possible in around 20 minutes. Other powertrain specs aren't yet available specifically for Kia's EV.

Starting with the CV, Kia expects that the upcoming EVs should have a level of profitability on par with combustion vehicles by 2025. This success should only increase as economies of scale improve in the years to come.

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